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Placement Test

Permissions to enrol to French Courses

Why does the system keep telling me that spaces are reserved?

You need a permission from the department to enroll in our French courses. Please contact the department or fill out the Questionnaire if it is your first time enrolling. Telephone: 416 736-5086

I have permission but I can’t enroll into the class.

Either the class is full or you used your permission already. You need a new permission each time you switch sections.

I have permission but the class is full. What to do?

You will have to continuously check the site to see if anyone drops from the course. If you are still unsuccessful, you can attend the class you want on the first day of classes, while continuing to check online if a space becomes available.

Do I have the option of asking the professor for a special permission?

Yes. Please attend the first class and see the professor for a special permission. It is best to do this during the first week of class

Can someone call me when spaces become available? Is there a waiting list?

No. You have to check yourself.

Do I need a new permission every time I want to switch sections?

Yes. Permissions are good for one use only. If you need to switch sections, please give us a call to obtain a new permission. It is best to call us for a new permission because seats fill up very quickly. Telephone: 416 736-5086

Can I enroll in French courses even if I am not a French minor or major?


Do I have to wait to enrol until the Registrar’s Office accepts my program change request?



Who can help me with choosing my French courses?

Please contact the Department of French Studies for assistance. Email:

I am placed in 1000 level course. Am I allowed to take more than one French course during the school year?

No, because you need the prerequisite.


Missed Tests/Exams

What do I do if I miss a test or an exam outside ofthe official exam period?

You must contact your instructor by email within 24 hours of the missed test/exam. You must clearly state the following:

- Your name (it helps to spell your last name)

- Your student number, course and section

- Phone number and email where you can be reached

- The reason why you missed the test/exam

If you cannot contact your instructor during this 24 hour period, subsequent documentation accounting for the delay must be provided.

Supporting documentation verifying the circumstances for the missed test/exam must be provided at the time specified by the instructor. Failure to provide appropriate documentation will result in a grade of F on the missed test.

IMPORTANT: Students who miss tests and exams have no automatic right to a make‐up test/exam. A make‐up test/exam may be scheduled only under exceptional circumstances ((see below «What is an exceptional circumstance») at the discretion of the instructor and/or course director in the case of multiple sections courses.

What are exceptional circumstances?

Medical circumstances– tests/exams missed due to medical circumstances must be supported by an attending physician’s statement or a statement by a psychologist or counselor. The physician’s statement shall not disclose any detailed medical information, but must include the following:

- Full name, mailing address, telephone number of the physician.

- Nature of the illness and the expected length of your absence from school (i.e., specific dates covered).

An indication of whether the illness and/or medication prescribed would have seriously affected the student’s ability to study and perform over the day of the exam.

NOTE: The physician's office may be contacted to verify the information submitted. No detailed medical report will be requested.

Non‐medical circumstances– tests/exams missed due to non‐medical circumstances must be supported by appropriate documentation, i.e., death certificates, obituary notice, automobile accident reports, airline/bus ticket/receipt for emergency travel (with date of booking on ticket), etc. Airline/train/bus ticket/receipts for emergency travel must indicate destination, departure, and return dates. Please note that only emergency travel circumstances are considered under this policy. Students are reminded not to purchase a travel ticket until they have seen the final exam schedule. A travel ticket purchased before the publication of the exam schedule which results in a conflict with a scheduled exam will not be considered under these guidelines.

Your instructor will examine the documentation provided to determine whether you are eligible to write a make‐up exam and will inform you of her/his decision.

The manner in which the make‐up test/exam is handled is at the discretion of the instructor or the course director in the case of multiple section courses. Students must be prepared to write the test at a date set by the instructor or course coordinator. Although the content to be examined will be the same, the format may or may not follow that of the original test/exam.

What do I do if I missed a mid-term or final exam within the official exam period?

Students who miss exams scheduled during the official exam period must submit a Deferred Standing Agreement Form to the Registrar’s office. This form must be signed and dated by the professor and the student.

ATTENTION: Please do not submit the form to the Undergraduate Program Assistant.

What do I do if I have a make‐up test/exam conflict?

You must forward the following to your instructor:

- Course code(s) and title(s)

- Instructor’s name, email and phone number

- Date and time of the conflicting test/exam(s)

Your instructor will examine it and make arrangements to accommodate you, if appropriate.

What do I do if I have a final exam conflict?

There are three types of undergraduate exam conflicts:

-Two or more exams at the same time

-Three exams on the same day

-Exams during three consecutive periods in 24 hours (e.g. 7 to 10pm the night before, then 9am to noon and 2 to 5pm to the next day)

If you have a final exam conflict you must advise the Registrar’s office and your professor at least three weeks prior to the scheduled exam.