Honours iBA

Honours iBA (PDF)

What is the difference between the iBA and the regular BA?
- In the regular BA, you take a minimum of 15 credits in Language; in the iBA, you must take 18 credits in Language starting from 1080;
- In the iBA you must go on an exchange (minimum: 1 semester);
- In the iBA, you must take some "internationally-oriented" courses.

What are the requirements?
Please see the checklists or inquire at the Department of French Studies office, N727 Ross, 416-736-5086.

What are "Internationally-oriented courses"?
They are courses with an international focus taken outside French Studies. Non-Language courses taken in the Department of Languages, Linguistics and Literature at the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, or in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Glendon College may also be counted towards this requirement.

Are "Internationally-Oriented Courses" the same as "electives"?
No. They have an international content and must be approved by the Department of French Studies. You need 12 "internationally-oriented" courses vs. 18 electives. However, the 12 credit requirement may count towards the 18 credit electives.

How do I find and choose "Internationally-oriented courses"?
The Undergraduate Program Director is responsible for advising students and approving the 12 "Internationally-oriented" courses required.

How long is the exchange?
Students are required to spend at least one full term and no more than two in a French-speaking country or region outside Canada as a full-time student at one of York University's exchange partners. For the time being, exchange students will go to mainland France.

When can I go on exchange?
You will have completed at least 12 of your 18 credits in French language, i.e. AP/FR 1080, AP/FR 2081 and 2082, before you go on exchange. For students entering the program after the completion of 48 York credits, a minimum grade of B+ in AP/FR 2081 3.0, and AP/FR 2082 3.0 is required.

Can I go to Quebec?
No. Only exchanges outside Canada are eligible.

Can I go to any university ?
No. It has to be one of York International partners.