Test de classement

French Language Assessment

The Department of French Studies assesses the level of French of incoming students to ensure that they are placed at the appropriate level to optimize their learning of the French language.

Do all students get assessed?

Yes. If you are interested in enrolling in an AP/FR course, please complete the MachForm and the Department of French Studies will confirm your eligibility.

  1. Students with no prior knowledge of French will automatically be given permission to enroll in Introductory French AP/FR 1020 6.0.
  2. Students who have completed Grade 12, core, immersion or extended French, will be placed in AP/FR 1080 6.0.
  3. Students who have experience living in a French-speaking environment and/or who went to a French school, will be assessed by the Department of French Studies.

What's next?

Upon completing the MachForm assessment, students in categories a. and b. obtain permission to enroll.  Students in category c. will be assessed to determine the French course most appropriate for them.

Students will receive email notification from the Department of French Studies once permission is mounted.


Please contact the Department of French Studies:
Email: lapsfren@yorku.ca