Student Learning Commons

Support for Undergraduate Students in French (LA&PS) Keele campus

The Department of French Student Learning Commons (LA&PS) provides support and mentoring activities for undergraduate students in courses FR1020, FR1030, FR1080, FR2100 and FR2200. French-speaking facilitators provide friendly and knowledgeable assistance with French-language learning or with the acquisition of linguistic and literature concepts through face-to-face or online consultations and workshops. The facilitators work with individual students and offer workshops for 1000 and 2000 level language, linguistic and literature courses, with the goal of helping students develop and improve their writing and speaking abilities in French, as well as building the necessary foundations to succeed in linguistic and literature courses. This includes helping students internalize concepts and strategies, as well as providing effective feedback and additional resources to succeed in their courses where needed.

Mentoring sessions are offered in the Student Learning Commons (N745 or N706). Face-to-face and online consultations can be scheduled by contacting the facilitators associated with FR1020, FR1030, FR1080, FR2100 and FR2200.

For more details about drop-in services, scheduled workshops at the French Learning Commons (LA&PS) and to register, please contact: