Exchange Programs

Why go?

  • Enjoy living in one of France's and Europe's most beautiful, prosperous, and technologically advanced regions.
  • Enhance your marketability by gathering international study and work experience.
  • Earn course credits towards your Ontario degree.
  • Benefit from advising and support on both sides of the Atlantic
  • Gain expedited admission to one of the world's great universities
  • Increase your eligibility and consideration for further scholarships and bursaries

Who can go?

International BA in French Studies (iBA)

Students enrolled in the International BA in French Studies (iBA) will go on exchange as part of their program. For students entering the program after the completion of 48 York credits, a minimum grade of B+ in AP/FR 2081 3.0, and AP/FR 2082 3.0 is required.

Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies in French Studies

York students not enrolled in the International BA program can choose to spend a semester or a full year at a university in France or in French Canada. Students may do so after the completion of 24 York credits. A minimum grade of B+ in AP/FR 1080 6.0, or its equivalent, is required. Students are strongly advised to go on exchange after having first completed at least AP/FR 1080 6.0 AND AP/FR 2082 3.0.

All York University students

All York University students, from their 2nd year undergraduate and up to the PhD level, if their level of French is at least equivalent to AP/FR 1080, can go on exchange in France and Switzerland at one of the York University Exchange Partners: University of Bordeaux I and II, University of Bordeaux III, University Paris-Est Créteil, University of Geneva.

All York University students, from their 2nd year undergraduate and up to the PhD level, can go on exchange at one of the universities in the Rhône-Alpes region as part of the Ontario-Rhône-Alpes Student Exchange Program*. For more information please contact the Academic Director, Dr. Rosanna Furgiuele at or visit the ORA website.

Note: To apply to any of these programs, all students, whatever their year level, must have a minimum GPA of 6.0 to be eligible. Application must be made to York International, 200 York Lanes.


All in all, this exchange program is a fascinating mind-shaping experience that is memorable, instructive, intense and fun. You will come back almost a different person as you will experience a lot of independence, responsibility and new cultural knowledge. (Galina Korshunova)

I miss being in Lyon and at ENS. I loved everything in my year and learnt so much about myself and how I want to live. I can’t wait to go back to see friends. I hope you will live the same good experiences and discover new things as I did. (Traci Wai)