Undergraduate Program

Program Overview

The undergraduate program (BA) in French Studies has three components:

- In the language program, students are taught oral and written expression and aural and written comprehension while being given opportunities to explore the many facets of francophone culture in the world.

- The linguistics program exposes students to the many branches of linguistics through a variety of theoretical approaches such as structuralist theory, enunciative theory and generative theory. Students apply these theories to the study of French.

- The literature program opens doors to the literatures and cultures of the francophone world with a particular focus on French and French Canadian literature. Students develop analytical and expository skills through the analysis of texts using various theoretical and philosophical approaches.

Majors in French Studies are not required to specialize in either Linguistics or Literature. However, degree candidates in French Studies are advised that graduate programes in French Studies, in Education as well, as schools of translation or interpreting may require students to have covered certain literature and/or linguistics courses in their undergraduate studies.

AP/FR 1020 6.0 Elementary French: Near Beginners and AP/FR 1030 6.0 Intermediate French do not count towards a major in French Studies but after completing them, students can proceed to AP/FR 1080 6.0 and pursue a major or minor in French Studies.

Note: All instruction, discussion, written assignments and examinations in all courses will be in French (except at the beginning of AP/FR 1020 6.0)

Complete Presentation of French Program at York (PDF)