Department Policies

Language of Instruction

All instruction, discussion, written assignments and examinations in all courses will be in French (except in AP/FR 2005 9.0 and in AP/FR 2007 6.0, and at the beginning of AP/FR 1020 6.0.)


Although the Department of French Studies does not require students to see an advisor prior to enrollment, advising is available. Please contact the departmental office for an appointment. Students who are planning to graduate in the spring of next year should make an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Director ( during the summer to ensure that their course selections allow them to meet all the French Studies degree requirements.

Exemption with Replacement

Students pursuing a major or minor in French Studies, depending on placement test results, may be exempted from one or more of the following; AP/FR 1080 6.0, AP/FR 2081 3.0, AP/FR 2082 3.0, AP/FR 3080 6.0, AP/FR 3081 3.0, AP/FR 3082 3.0 - on the recommendation of the Department Chair or Undergraduate Director. It is called “exemption with replacement”. This exemption from one or more language courses does not reduce the total number credits required to satisfy the major or minor requirements in French Studies.

Minimum Grade Requirement in Language Course

Students must obtain a minimum grade of C in each language course in order to move up to the following upper level. (This condition does not apply to literature and linguistic courses where a minimum grade of D is required*.) If a student fails to meet this minimum grade requirement in any one of the language sequence courses, he/she may repeat that course once. This is in accordance with the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies regulations allowing a course to be taken a second time whatever the first mark obtained may be (the second grade will be considered in the student GPA). For further details, students may contact the French Studies Undergraduate office at ext. 77079 or the Advising Centre at 416-736-5022.

*But in order to receive a degree, graduates must have the required GPA.

Minimum Grade Requirement in Language Course for a Certificate

Students who take language courses with the intent of obtaining a Certificate of French Language must obtain a minimum grade of B in each course.

Redoing a Course

A student may not redo a course to receive a higher grade once he/she has done a higher level (i.e. a student will not be permitted to redo AP/FR 1080 to get a B+ after having successfully completed AP/FR 2081 or AP/FR 2082).


Course assignments are handed in to the instructor in class. The DFS support staff do not accept written assignments from students. If, for an exceptional reason, a student is unable to hand in her/his assignment in class, (s)he can drop it in the drop box located next to N745 Ross. Students are advised to let their instructor know that they intend to drop their assignment in the drop box, since the mail deposited in their box is not date-stamped by the DFS support staff.

Late Assignments

Proper academic performance depends on students doing their work not only well, but on time. Accordingly, assignments for the course must be received on the due date specified for the assignment. In case of late submission, the following lateness penalty will apply:In all DFS courses, a penalty of 2% per day (Monday through Sunday) will be applied to an assignment submitted late.One week (i.e. seven days) after the due date, an assignment will no longer be accepted and a grade of zero assigned. Penalties may be waived under exceptional circumstances (see «What is an exceptional circumstance?») provided the student has contacted the instructor prior to the due date. Essays and/or assignments will not be accepted after the due date except under exceptional circumstances justified with proper documentation (see «Missed Tests and Exams»). A hard or electronic copy must be submitted for all assignments as specified by instructor. Faxed assignments will not be accepted. Students are required to keep a copy of the final version of any work submitted for evaluation. This includes written as well as recorded oral assignments. It is the responsibility of students to keep a copy of recorded oral assignments on the server space assigned to them by York University.

Missed tests and exams outside the official exam period

Students who miss tests and exams have no automatic right to a make‐up test/exam. A make‐up test/exam may be scheduled only under exceptional circumstances (see «What is an exceptional circumstance?») at the discretion of the instructor and/or course director in the case of multiple sections courses.

Course Cancellations

During the enrollment period, the Department of French Studies may deem it necessary to cancel one or more courses and/or sections of courses. Students affected by any such cancellations should be advised that although the Department regrets any inconvenience this may cause, it is not obliged - but will do its best to try - to accommodate them in another section of the same course or in any other course if no spaces are available.

Course-Related Conflict Between Students and Instructors

When a conflict arises between a student and an instructor, the first step is to 1) discuss the problem with the instructor, and try to resolve the issue; 2) if no solution can be reached, inform the Course Coordinator, and arrange to meet with him/her. The Course Coordinator will then contact the instructor to discuss a solution. 3) if that fails, please contact the Undergraduate Program Director ( who will take further action. You can also lodge a complaint using the Student Complaint Form. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.