Career Paths

  • Higher Education Post-graduate Studies in:
    French Studies, Translation, International Studies, Business, Communication, Law, etc.
  • International Development
  • Civil service (provincial or federal government)
  • Teaching

Do you want to become a teacher in one of Ontario's schools? Do you want to obtain certification as a teacher of French as a Second Language (FSL) at the same time? York's Faculty of Education offers four and five year programs leading to concurrent B.A. and B.Ed. degrees with specialization in French and FSL. Candidates are selected on the basis of education related experience, references, university grade point average, a personal statement and individual interviews.They combine their regular academic work in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies with professional courses in the Faculty of Education. Practicum experience is extended over a three-year period. The concurrent programme takes one year longer than a regular programme in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies only.

  • Translation - Undergraduate Studies in Translation or Interpreting