Certificate Programs

Certificates of French Language Proficiency


Students who are not pursuing a major or minor in French may take language courses with the intent of obtaining a Certificate of French Language. They may earn a Certificate of French Language Proficiency(basic, intermediate or advanced)concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Students who are pursuing business or administrative studies at York University may obtain a Certificate of Proficiency in French for Business (basic, intermediate or advanced).

This certificate is also open to students who already hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, and who are admissible according to Faculty and University policies.

Students must apply for these certificates (PDF) before graduation.

Conditions and restrictions

  1. These certificates are not open to students who are pursuing or who already hold a degree in French Studies.
  2. Students must choose either the Certificate of French Language Proficiency or the Certificate of French Language Proficiency in Business.
  3. Students cannot customize a certificate by combining courses from both certificates.
  4. Students who have been exempted from any of the required courses should consult the Undergraduate Program Director.Students who are exempted from AP/FR 2081 3.0 and/or AP/FR 2082 3.0 must replace these credits with AP/FR 4090 6.0.
  5. Courses need to be taken in sequence i.e. AP/FR 1030, AP/FR 1080, AP/FR 2081 and AP/FR 2082 etc. A student cannot redo a lower course to get a B after doing an upper level course.
  6. All course required for each certificate, except the Certificate in Business (Advanced Level), must be taken in the Department of French Studies, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (Keele Campus).
  7. Courses taken at Glendon College or on a Letter of Permission in the “Explore” Program do not count towards the Certificates.
  8. Schulich School of Business students may use three credits earned while on exchange in a French speaking country; the three credits can be in any subject provided the course was taught in French.
  9. These Certificates are not available to Francophones.