Khadeja Elsibai

Honours Bachelor of Public Administration with minor in French Studies '2020 – 2020 Golden GRADitude Award recipient

A Public Administration and French Studies student, Khadeja Elsibai (BPA ’20) is credited as a key ambassador for Francophone culture during her time at York. She was instrumental in the creation of an official French Studies Student Organization, the Association des Étudiants Francophones et Francophiles de York (AEFFY) which offers academic-orientated and socio-cultural programming in French for students interested in the language and Francophone culture.

This achievement is all the more impressive given the fact that a French students’ organization hasn’t existed at the Keele campus in 15 years.

“Over the past two years, the club has gotten significant interest from all sorts of students at various levels of French language proficiency and from many different faculties at York. It’s been great getting these students engaged and seeing them come out to events and speaking French,” Elsibai shared.

Elsibai has inspired and motivated her peers through various leadership roles on campus. Amongst other volunteer commitments, she was a Founders College Peer Academic Leader where she supported students with their transition to university studies and led orientation for 600 new students. She’s a recipient of the 2020 Alumni Golden GRADitude Award, given to two graduating students who have made the University a better place through leadership involvement in such areas as student government, academics and research.

Elisbai graduates from her undergraduate degree this summer and will be returning to York in the fall to complete a Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law, with an interest in building a career in government. Last summer, she landed an internship at a government office, where she continues to work.

“I think government is probably the most complex organization to work in because you’re balancing so many interests while delivering public services and supporting citizens. It’s rewarding.”